Registration is now open for September 2019. A limited number of private lesson spots are available. Register now and I will contact you to find the right fit! All ages welcome.

I encourage all students to consider a structured music lesson program with exams and recitals. Recreational programs are also available for adults or those who aren't interested in an exam program.

New: Group Theory Classes for RCM level 5 music theory (Basic Rudiments).

MYC classes are not offered in Fall 2019 but if there is enough interest, I may offer them in January 2020. For more information about MYC programs and curriculum, please visit www.myc.com/teacher/GHiggins 

Welcome to my piano studio! I'm located in Blueberry Creek, Castlegar and I teach Music for Young Children programs and private lessons for beginners and elementary levels. All music classes are keyboard (piano) based. Choose Royal Conservatory, Music for Young Children, or a just-for-fun program!

"Music for Young Children provides the necessary structure for learning to take place while allowing children the freedom to think. Children are empowered to set goals in their learning while experiencing a playful, positive environment." - Barbara Coloroso, Educator and author of Kids Are Worth It!

MYC Brochure: