Music Theory Classes

I'm proud to offer Ultimate Music Theory Club classes at my studio. The UMT Club is a unique, educational, and exciting way for students to complete their Theory requirements for Royal Conservatory exams. Each class combines theoretical elements and concepts with practical, ear, and sight reading applications to create a strong theoretic and pedagogic foundation.

Students are expected to attend all classes and to complete all homework as assigned. Students will need their Ultimate Student Pack plus a 0.7mm or 0.9mm mechanical pencil and an eraser.

Supercharge your child's (or your own) ability to learn music theory! Side effects may include:

  • A sharper creative mind: A strong theory foundation enables your child to understand music at all levels, including listening, playing, and composing.
  • Advanced musical skills: Your child will be empowered as their theoretic knowledge improves their practical musicianship and performance.
  • Increased smiles! UMT Club is FUN! Concepts are presented and reinforced using games, the piano, whiteboard, sight and ear activities and flashcards.

It's easy to sign up! Just click on Register Now and fill in your information. I will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Costs: $100 for materials pack (including workbook, flashcards, student whiteboard, dry-erase marker and eraser, UMT ruler and UMT tote bag), plus $360 for tuition. 

Classes start October 2020. 

Levels offered:

Prep 1

Prep 2

Basic (Level 5 RCM)